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How Men Get Hurt

How Men Get Hurt
More and more men are taking a close look at their lives and the ways boys and men are hurt by negative attitudes about them as males and by the harmful roles society places upon them. Seeing the male role can be painful and confusing! Despite courageous efforts to hold onto human connection with others, we end up feeling isolated, overwhelmed, angry and numb, with few options. I work with men around many issues that limit men's lives, such as alcohol and drug abuse, and pornography addictions.


We Are Wholly Capable

The truth is we were born to live without limits. All men, including you, naturally possess the ability to recover from any hurtful experience. You were born good, loving and connected with all life. At any moment you can begin the journey back to your true self. While you may face many challenges in this process, the rewards can be rich and vast. You can break free from the isolation and competition. You can create more satisfying and meaningful relationships with your family and with other men and women. You can become a great ally to the women in your life. You can uncover a wellspring of joy, closeness, flexibility, creativity and pride — the full humanity which is your birthright.

Reach Out …

An important step is reaching out, asking for and receiving help. Now is a good time to begin or to continue your healing process. I use a powerful and personal approach to therapy with special attention given to the needs unique to men.



Appreciation from a client: "I used to think that because the male role is changing, this is the most difficult and confusing time in history to be a man. Stefan helped me see that this is actually the most promising and enlightening time to be a man. I have grown in my relationships with other men, with women, with my family, and with myself. In my work with Stefan, I have learned the joy of being a man."