Global Counseling



Unleash your potential

Most clients come to my office seeking to improve their lives. For some this means healing old hurts. For others this means gathering new information and adopting a new perspective. For almost all, it means taking a close look at their lives. And this often includes a client's desire to create or enhance their work in the world so that it is a greater expression of themselves, their values, and their vision. I assist clients to separate out whatever has been in the way of moving forward with their work. My clients find more clarity, more attention, and more energy for their work and goals.


Artists, Musicians, Entrepreneurs, and Activists

Many of us have life experiences that have left us doubting ourselves and limiting what we think is possible for us. In addition, misinformation and oppressive stereotypes are common in our society. Our work together will release your individual initiative so that you can create the relationships, and set up the life you need, in order to do your work.

My clients become productive and financially successful visual artists, exhibiting and selling their work; writers, publishing; musicians, producing recordings, and receiving opportunities to play with other great musicians in fantastic venues; as well as designers, innovating in technology. Entrepreneurial clients finally bring their business plan to life, satisfied with planning based on their own ideas, feeling relief and pride as their business begins to thrive.

Activist clients recognize that they can be an agent for change: organizing others, providing leadership, exercising influence for environmental, social and political change, and getting to see and feel the results of their caring and compassion.

Follow your heart's desire

As an artist, you can bring your version of reality into form, and you can reach your audience — with financial success.

As an entrepreneur, you can build the business you want to build, offering the service or product that you know would align with who you are and what you think.

As an activist, you can make a difference in society. Your contribution matters: you have a job to do and you can do it with intelligence and heart.

Whoever you are, you can follow your heart's desire in your own work. I would love to support and assist you in the process of fully engaging in whatever that work is for you. I have seen this many times. So I not only believe it is possible, I know that it is.