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Over the course of more than twenty years of counseling experience, we have developed a unique and effective way to work with people of all backgrounds and experience people with a diversity of visions for their lives.

We understand that as adults even our best qualities can become blocked and obscured by an accumulation of past hurt. Many of us experienced loss, neglect, abuse or humiliation. In fact, any situation could have been hurtful which did not or did not seem to take into account our absolute intelligence and goodness. These experiences began early in our lives despite our parents' best intentions. In addition, we may carry the accumulated distress and unresolved issues we observed or sensed in our families and culture, passed on like a contagious illness, for the most part unconsciously. As a result of the accumulated hurts, we might find ourselves "stuck" in a place where we are not living the life we imagine. We each possess the profound gift of life. With that comes trust, love, and a path to a better life.


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Stefan Schlesinger, MA LMHC

Stefan Schlesinger, MA LMHC


Stefan Schlesinger, MA LMHC

I have done thousands of sessions, assisting individuals and couples to improve their lives. My role as counselor is to remind you your true nature and of the beautiful universe in which we live. I allow and encourage the natural and spontaneous process of emotional release that occurs when we tell our past story and reach for a new one.



Applied Behavioral Science/Counseling, 1993

B.A. Counseling, Music, and the Performing Arts 1991